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Abington Heights Athletics

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Abington Heights Athletics

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Abington Heights Athletics

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Media Information

Athletics Media Policy


Abington Heights School District Coach and Student-Athlete Interview Policies

  • Interview requests for Abington Heights SD coaches and student-athletes should be made through the Abington Heights Athletic Department by contacting the Athletics Operations Assistant at or Enrico Mastroianni, Director of Athletics, at

  • All Abington Heights coach and student-athlete interview requests should be made at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Media members should not contact Abington Heights student-athletes directly for interviews.

  • When on campus during school hours (7:00am – 4:00pm), all media members are required to check in at the Main Office to receive a visitor's pass for the time they will be on campus.

  • After receiving the visitor’s pass, the media member will be directed to either the Athletic Director, Enrico Mastroianni, or a coaching staff member for their interview.

  • Should the member of the media organization be on campus after school hours, they must check in with Enrico Mastroianni, or a coaching staff member for their interview.

  • A member of the Athletic Department or coaching staff will coordinate all player interviews which will be coordinated either before or after practice.

  • Team locker rooms are off-limits to media representatives at all times.


 Practice Media Coverage

  • Members of the media may request access to attend practice through the Athletics Department (see contact information above).

  • If access is granted, media members will have access to the first or last 45 minutes of practice to collect b-roll footage for an interview or story.

  • All interview requests will be arranged before the start of, or at the end of, practice.

  • Please contact the Athletics Department to make arrangements (see contact information above).


Gameday Media Coverage

  • All members of the media who want to cover an Abington Heights athletic event must be pre-registered prior to the start of the event.

    1. Complete the online request form at least 3 hours in advance of the scheduled start time. Start times can be viewed at and are subject to change.

    2. Pick up your credentials upon arrival

      1. Indoor Events

        • Basketball & Wrestling: See the ticket table attendant

        • Volleyball: Report to the scorer’s table

      2. Outdoor Events

        • HS Turf Field / The Pit: Report to the press box 

    3. Return your badge to an Athletic Dept. Staff Member prior to leaving the event.

  • Abington Heights coaches and student-athletes will not be available for pre-game interviews unless pre-arranged through the Athletic Department.

  • Abington Heights coaches and student-athletes will be available to the media approximately 10 minutes after the conclusion of the game.

  • The Abington Heights locker room is closed to all members of the media on game day.

  • No photos/video shall be sold to the public, including coaches or any student athlete’s parents without prior consent from the Athletic Department.